Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on our Statement of Principles (the foundation of which is the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics).  It reflects our commitment to the Reggio Emilia approach, as well as incorporating the national curriculum Belonging, Being and Becoming.

The main focus behind our philosophy is our belief that children are citizens with rights and that they are competent beings. We see children, from birth, as powerful and strong, rich in capabilities and resources.

We believe:

  • that children have the right to play. That they learn best by actively using their senses through play, to experiment, think, create, discover, explore, interpret, predict, communicate and reason.  It is through play that children acquire skills and prepare for future learning

  • that all children should have the opportunity to participate in a variety of enriching experiences that will enable them to fulfil their potential

  • that each child should be valued as a unique individual in terms of rights, culture, gender, abilities, interests, and learning styles

  • that each child has the right to always feel and be, healthy, safe and secure

  • in establishing good working relationships between educators, families and community, to enable all to feel welcome and accepted

  • that education must be constructed within its local context.

Our centres are ethical places, where learning environments are creativerich and varied. Where educators as well as children are encouraged to develop their abilities further, where there is a culture of respect, compassion, quality outcomes and learning.

Our principles

Bower Education Nursery Schools and ELCs strive for excellence in the education and care of young children.

The following principles underpin our practice in early childhood education:

We believe in:

  • the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the Early Childhood Code of Ethics

  • children as competent beings

  • children as citizens.

We value education and learning through